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​Rochester, Kent

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​Are you a hard working parent who is in too much pain right now? Whether it's your back, your neck,  your shoulder or your knee. And your medications or treatments are not working? Maybe you don't believe in medication at all.

Do you want a natural solution that is effective, has no worrying side effect and will make it way easier for you to cope at work and at home with your kids?

Do you want to feel better, more mobile, less stressed out and less exhausted without having to go back and forth to your Gp?

At Care O Naturel, I help you understand why are you in so much pain and why nothing that you have tried so far is working. I take the time to understand your story, your pain, your symptoms and most importantly what you are going through to give you a diagnosis/explanation that makes sense to you.

You will be given your own treatment plan based on the results from my examination that will give you exactly what you need for best results.

I will show you how to care for your health and body between treatments. What you shouldn't be doing at home or at work and what you should be doing instead to avoid your pain for being there or coming back all the time.

You will be supported throughout and even beyond your treatment plan so that you are never alone again in your recovery journey. No more guessing game! And you get help to implement the tips and exercises you are given for an even better and faster results.

Does that sounds like what you are looking for?

​Where Do You Need To Start?

​Without a clear understanding of what is going on with your body or where does the pain really comes from and type of adaptations your body is going through to compensate, you will never get better. PERIOD!

You may be thinking but "I've already been to my doctor who said it's just muscle spasm" or "I had an X-ray or a scan" but if your medications or treatments are not working it's either because your diagnosis is wrong, too global or too superficial. Your body isn't crazy! 

Do you understand now why spending time to find where your pain really comes from is SO important? It is the foundation to have a treatment that works. And it will make a massive difference to the success of your treatment. It is for that reason that your initial consultation is dedicated to your examination and diagnosis.

What Happens In Your Initial Consultation?

​Think of it like when you go to the dentist with an excruciating tooth pain. He will 1st book you in to examine your mouth to know what's causing the pain before he can tell what you need if you want the pain to go away! The same is happening here in your initial consultation.

You will be going through a very thorough and comprehensive examination. Then, I will discuss my findings with you in a way that makes sense to you. And to finish I will tell you what you need if you want the pain to go away.

​Your Initial Consultation is divided in 3 stages:

The case history: where you get to answer some specific questions about your pain, your lifestyle, your habits ...

The examination: I use a combination of observation, tests and movements to help me establish a diagnosis.

The treatment plan: At the end, we discuss all of my findings and I explain to you what steps you need to take right now that will have the most impact on your pain.

All consultations are exclusively by appointment. I ask you to click on the link below to book your appointment.

Your initial consultation costs £80 and is payable in advance and in full.

​How To Book Your Initial Consultation?

Step 1: Click on the orange button below that says Book Your Initial Consultation.

Step 2: On the calendar, choose the date and time that best suit you.

Step 3: Enter your personal details and fill in the short questionnaire (it won't take more than 5 minutes but it will save us time during your consultation.)

Step 4: Pay £80 for your consultation. You can either pay by cards or with PayPal.

Step 5: You will receive a confirmation email with the details of your appointment.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: the practice is situated on the 2nd floor. So please make sure that you can managed stair before booking your appointment. Thanks!

If this consultation sounds like what you want. If you like my approach but you are unsure whether I can help you with your condition, situation or pain and you would like to speak to me before you book your initial consultation. Please, book a call by clicking on the button on the right.